Herbicides that you can use to kill weeds in your farm.

Weeds are the unwanted plants in the farm.

Here are the herbicides that you can use to kill these weeds in your farm.

  1. Weedless 480 SL.
  2. Lockdown 720EC.
  3. Delete.
  4. Tinga tinga 380 SC
  5. Round up.
  6. Mr bean plus.

We are going to discuss about how this herbicides kills the weeds.But before that, it’s better that that we also know which type of crops suits which herbicides.

1.Weedless 480SL.

Weedless 480sl has Glyphosphate 480g/l has its main ingredients.


It is non-selective there by kills all the weeds in the farm.

It is used to clear all the weeds before planting:





It also kills faster the weeds.

Has long term weeds control thereby remaining on the soil for long.

It can also be used to control weeds in large plantations like in Tea, avocados.

It is not easily washed by rain water.

Rate of use.

200mls/20litres of water.


Packed in 20 litres , 500 ml, 5 litres and 250 ml.

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