How to plant and manage beans.


Beans are leguminous plants having a high protein content in it.

It is mostly liked by many because of its demand hence high prices.

It is among the best crops that can bring a high yield when taken good care of.

Varieties grown in kenya.


2. Nyayo.

Here are the total guide on how to plant and manage you beans.

Step 1.

Plough the land to get rid of weeds. This further softens the soil making the planting process easier.

Gather all the unnecessary weeds remains to avoid the weed’s seeds from growing.

It is highly recommended that you plough your land earlier before the planting season.

Step 2.

Make furrows on a well ploughed land.

Make sure that the furrows are not far apart from each other.It should be atleast 30 cm away from one furrow to another. This will prevent competition for available water and nutrients in the soil.

Step 3.

Spread DAP fertilizer in the furrows. Make sure that all the furrows gets the fertilizer.

Step 4.

Plant your bean seeds. Make sure that you buy a well certified seeds from Kenya Seeds Company.This will reduce the chances of the beans being infected with pests or rather the diseases. Cover the seeds with soil.

Note;Do not put too much soil on the seeds as this may affect the growth rate.

After the seeds have germinated,that is after 10-14 days, make sure that you follow up to confirm that all the seeds have germinated.

Pests and diseases.

Pests like aphids are very common. They suck sap from the plant hence reducing the yield. Make sure that you spray regularly.

Diseases like blight, both early and late blight should be taken care of.


Beans takes 3 months to mature but depending on the variety.


Beans are harvested manually by people.This is a cheaper and convenient way.


It is sold locally. A bag of beans is approximately sh. 8,000.Taking the yield of an acre to be 10 bags,the;


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