Carrot’s guideline from planting to marketing.

This is a simple and clear guide on how to grow and care for carrots. Indeed carrots have more merits both in human beings and animals.

Questions frequently asked about carrots.

1.How long does it take?

2.How can I get a ready market?

3.How much is the input required?

No more worries,here are the tips that will help you get the best guidelines on how to start.

Varieties grown here in Kenya.

  1. Nantes.
  2. Chantley
  3. Oxheart.

Land preparation.

Dig the land to get rid of hard soil. This is further improved by hurowing the land. This will indeed soften the soil as carrots requires thick soil.


For an acre of land, you use 2500g of seeds. Manure is less advised to be used since it causes the saline taste in the carrots when it matures.


Make ridges on a well made soil surface. Ridges allows easy distribution of water during irrigation. Mix the carrot seeds with sand soil.This basically helps in evenly distribution of the seeds along the furrows.

The seeds should be placed atleast 2cm apart and 30cm from one row to another.


Weeding should be done regularly to avoid competition for available moisture and nutrients in the soil.

Pests and diseases.

Pests like aphids sucks the sap.This causes the leaves to wither off. Cutworms on the other side destroys the stem killing the plant.

Diseases like leaf blight and powdery mildew should be taken care of by regularly spraying of the carrots.


The expected yield of n acre of land should be 15000kg of carrots.


For a kilo of carrots, it is sold at sh.40 in local market. Many farmers prefer selling their produce in wholesale.

Advantages of growing carrots.

This are brief merits of growing carrots.

  1. Little attention required.
  2. Little space required.
  3. High market demand.
  4. High protein content.

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