William Ruto net worth biography age spouse

find all the related concerning William Ruto net worth biography age spouse. Dr William Samoei Arap Ruto known as William Ruto, is a Kenyan politician, serving as Deputy President of Kenya since September 2013. Ruto served as the Acting President of Kenya between 6 and 8 October 2014 when President Uhuru Kenyatta was at the International Criminal Court, in The Hague, Netherlands.

William Ruto net worth

 The year March 2022 as per this writing William Ruto is estimated to be worth Ksh. Thirty billion as of 2021 as quoted from reliable sources.

Who is William Ruto? (Biography)

William Samoe Ruto also known as The (Hustler) had always been a brilliant student and continues to remain one even today. He has been actively involved in Kenyan Politics and is the first Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya, a position which is equivalent to that of a vice-president. He has also worked as a teacher before joining politics and apparently, the politician was great at his job and earned a lot of respect in that profession. Ruto entered the realm of politics when he started campaigning for the presidential candidate of ‘KANU’, Daniel arap Moi. This campaign was not just a great success, but it also proved this leader’s political skills as he has risen from being a member of parliament to a presidential aspirant.

NameWilliam Ruto
Date of birth 21 December 1966
Place of birthSambut Village, Kamagut in Uasin Gishu
SpouseRachel Ruto (m. 1991)
Professionentrepreneur politician
Net worthkshs 30 billion
Social media handle(twitter)@WilliamsRuto
Age( 55 years)

William Ruto education

In December 2018, William Ruto graduated from the University of Nairobi (UoN) with a PHD in environmental quality of riparian ecosystems: A case study of Saiwa Swamp watershed, Western Kenya. other primary education background include;  University of Nairobi (2012–2018), University of Nairobi (1987–1990), Kapsabet High School

Who is William Rutos spouse?

Rachel Ruto is the wife of William Ruto, 1st Deputy President of Kenya and the Second Lady of Kenya. She was instrumental in assisting her husband’s campaign, often seen by her husband’s side. He married his wife Rachel Chebet in 1991. The young couple first lived in Dagoretti South where they had their first child, Nick Ruto. They now have 9 children.

William Ruto source of wealth

William Ruto and his wife, the Second Lady own an expansive farm in Sugoi. He also owns interest in various real estate developments in Kenya including the Weston Hotel and a large interest in AMACO, an insurance company. He has been described a Kenyan-shilling billionaire. William Ruto’s mansion in Moiben, Uasin Gishu county is estimated at a whooping Ksh. 1.2B Moreover, the mansion is complete with a private airstrip. The mansion sits on a 20-acre piece of land which s part of the 700 acres of land bought by the Deputy President in Moiben. The palatial home features the main house, a guest wing, two swimming pools, a library, gym, servant’s quarters, and other lavish facilities. As a result, this is one of the expensive things owned by the DP. The Dp is a businessman and runs a list of several successful businesses including a poultry farm

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