Moiben dairies: philip murgor successful 650 acre dairy farm

Moiben dairies: philip murgor successful 650 acre dairy farm This is the definitive guide to Moiben dairies a successful dairy farm.

Moiben dairy farm is located in Kenya, highlands west of the Rift Valley in Uasin Gishu-County. Uasin Gishu is set on a largely arable flat lava plateau south of the Cherengani Hills Eldoret, the main commercial Centre in the area, was established in 1908 by numerous Afrikaans-speaking South Africans settled in the Uasin Gishu Plateau, and set up farms. The land Moiben dairy farm is situated upon was until the early 1970’s occupied by the Emslie Family, who were Afrikaans settlers. moiben dairy farm enjoys scenic views of the Cherengani Hills to the north, Mount Elgon the west and Sergoit Rock to the south, and is less than an hour’s drive to the scenic Great Rift Valley.


MDF was started a few years ago from scratch, by the directors of MDL, on land that was initially utilized for grain farming. The project was started as a hobby by P.K. Murgor, who had over the years come to recognize the dwindling output from grain farming in the region, mainly due to soils that had turned acidic due to unchecked use of artificial fertilizers. However the challenge faced in setting up a dairy farm was that Kenya’s pedigree dairy herd had been seriously depleted, following the near collapse of the dairy sector in the country.

Several years later, MDF has become a model farm and one of the leading dairy farms in Kenya, and attracts visitors from all over the country duet o its unique concept and model. The Government of Kenya through its national and county officials has used MDF to demonstrate what determination and a clear vision can achieve.

MDF prides itself in possessing one of the best dairy herds in Kenya, having purchased over 50 cows and heifers from Delamere Estates Ltd (DEL) in2011, when DEL wound up its dairy operations. The DEL herd had developed its Fresian/Holsteingenetics from the 1920’s. MDF also acquired breeding stock from J.EKruger Ltd, and government owned Agricultural Development Cooperation, to form a solid genetic foundation to become one of Kenya’s leading Holstein breeders.

MDF undertakes a strict breeding regime based on ensuring the development of the best dairy traits, utilizing conventional and semen from the US and Europe. It has also supported the development of World Bank programs that make available pedigree heifers for sale to upcoming dairy farmers in the country.

All milking animals are maintained in enclosed feeding stalls, while the dry and upcoming heifers are maintained in semi-zero grazing paddocks. The cross cattle graze the natural farm pastures. MDF has 150 acres under improved pasture, comprising mainly elmba and boma rhodes and Sudan grass and150 acres under maize for silage purposes, and grows other feed crops like sunflower, barley and oats. courtesy


Location: Merewet, Ziwa Road. Uasin
Gishu County, Kenya.
G.P.R.S: 0 43’ 13” N 35 20’ 5” E
Farm size: 650 acres
Herd size: 350 head
Breed : Holstein & Jersey


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